Highlights of Success - Jack

As our project is maturing, so are our outcomes. Our trainees are quickly moving through training with the Jane Addams Resource Corporation and finding quality jobs through the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing. Check out this short bit about one of our very first graduates - and congratulations Jack!

Highlights of Success: Jack

Jack O’Connor first came to the MWMWC in July of 2014 with a mission. The son of white-collar business owners, Jack knew for a long time that he was made for something different.

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Hello – and welcome to Career Connect Metro West!

My name is Joe Dutra, and for the past 9 months I’ve been traveling across DuPage County learning about what it’s like to find work for folks in Chicagoland.

Currently, DuPage County can boast a 4.4 percent unemployment rate – compare that to back in 2010 when the unemployment rate for DuPage County was 9.8 and it seems as though we have no issues with jobs… Right?